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Valentine St Aubyn

Author, Broadcaster and Astrologer

If you have found yourself on this page it means you have had an intriguing encounter with ‘someone’ and you are looking for answers. Or you have been in a long-term marriage or relationship and have questions about the union.

I have over 20 years’ experience in studying Astrology, and have formerly studied with Christopher Warnock, one of the best specialising in traditional astrology. I have done extensive research over the years into the study of soulmate and soul connection experiences. My Astrological readings involve comparing two charts of both individuals to help you understand your relationship and how your charts are progressing in real-time. Both the natal chart and progressed charts of a couple, or two interested individuals, are extremely important and hold clues about the connection.

Soul mate relationships are the biggest encounters we will have in a lifetime as our lives and experiences are based on the interactions we have with others.  The most influential soulmate or soul connection relationships are the ones that change us the most and although you may not spend your lifetime with this individual or even have a relationship together there is a lesson to be learned within the connection in order to grow.  Immediate pain is what will force us to look for answers but the key with these type of connections is to seek the answers, look at the patterns and if need be move on. True love at its finest is not painful. Yes, it has its moments and problems but the key to  a positive true love experience is finding that person who respects you, can grow with you and can help you in a way nobody else can.

If you are interested in having me look at a connection that you are seeking answers for I have 2 types of readings on offer. After making your payment please send me an email to - to discuss your issue further. Please be prepared to give me the date of your first meeting and a review of your story. Full synastry readings and personal development readings are accompanied with a written analysis and recording of the reading highlighting key themes.

Full Synastry email reading looking at both of your birth data in depth  £50.00

**Please note that you will get the best

results from  your reading if you can give me

the time, and birth location for

both individuals. I do understand that this

information is not always readily available but

is very helpful from an Astrological point of view.

Thank you for visiting and good luck

Soul Mate/ Soul Connection Readings PayPal: Buy Full synastry reading

 synastry chart Readings

Personal Development Reading for one person focusing on an issue of love or life issues £38.00

PayPal: Buy Personal Development Reading
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