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Valentine St Aubyn

Author, Broadcaster and Astrologer

Have a look to see what I’ve been up to.  Every once in awhile I give an interview.

“I am not into conspiracy theories, except for the ones that are true.”

                                                                                                                         Michael Moore

My Interviews

On the Edge - The Home of Alternative Broadcasting 1st September 2011.  I was a guest  of alex:g on Sky channel 200 and we had an interesting discussion about my novel, Planet X and the challenging times we are living in.

On the Edge 15th January 2012.

I was a guest on Sky channel 200 with alex:g. It was lots of fun being with like minded company for a special edition of 'On The Edge'.

Guests included; Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, Andy Thomas, Helen Sewell, Patrick Henningsen, Daisy Jones, Nick Ashron, Mike Robinson and Melissa, amongst others. To see any of alex:g’s programs buy the collection DVDs from the following link

The Roaring hour with Brian the Lion with special guest Valentine St Aubyn.

It was for me an honour to have been invited and meet everyone there in the studio.

21st September 2013

I was kindly invited to be a guest on the Lock-in Show on Peterborough FM. A show hosted by Marc Rigarlsfold and co-hosted by Matthew Kisby every Saturday. We had a great time as we talked about my work and music. Now available to listen to on the players below.

Part 1

Presented by Marc Rigarlsfold and co hosted by Matthew Kisby.

Part 2

Presented by Marc Rigarlsfold and co hosted by Matthew Kisby.

Interview with Valentine St Aubyn

12th January 2014

It was an immense pleasure to have been a guest of Medium Ara Parisien on her Spirituality show - “Lifting all things spiritual to an exciting new level, where special guests & amazing hosts will inspire & educate.” We talked about the all things metaphysical and contemporary.

Ted Woodroffe, Master healer, was also a guest spearheading the interview for the first half hour of the show. 1 hr show.

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