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On this page you can find a good range of opinions and research, from uncompromising witnesses, public figures, to specialists in investigative journalism and wall street analysts.

The London riots set yet another landmark on the questions still unanswered about the wider important issues affecting our society right now. Riots are never acceptable nor is crime, but they often can be, an unintended consequence, as the laments of the disenfranchised are largely ignored.

The UK riots August 2011 - What they won’t show you or talk about:

A lesson on free speech and such a dignified example on a “Speaker’s Corner” street of  Lambeth.

Max Keiser puts it all together for us on episode 313 interviewing Ian Fraser about fraud and the protectionism for Banks. On the right, a young man puts some since into Boris Johnson after the first London riots, Aug. 2011. Clearly, “values and standards” politicians talk about often change as required.

Bill Maloney interviews local people on the ground of the UK Riots: August 2011. Youngsters interviewed: rioters or social insurrection? Can the signs of a revolution happen without disorder?

Chris Bambery & Prof. Rodney Shakespeare. August 2011, Press TV. - Why was this building allowed to burn when it was noticed in time?

“In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell

Max Keiser gives us a brief synopsis of the British national debt and GDP ratio scenarios illustrating the poor premiership headed  by David Cameron.

Futuretalk archives 2012

It is obvious that retail banking needs to be separated for casino-risk investment banking, here is why:

Independent market trader - Alessio Rastani, told the BBC “Governments do not rule the world, Goldman-Sachs does".

Hypocrisy, Riots, Lies, and Banks in England. 2011 documentary by Wolvoman80.

£25bn corporate tax avoidance

Cityboy - Secrets of Investment Bankers exposed by Geraint Anderson. On spreading rumours and inside trading - Honesty does save you in the end.

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