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Since September 11th 2001 the world has been thrown into a spin. Many have refused to see the implications and signs showing their denial and refusing to see that things have changed.

Well, the time for “political distractions” and “numbing entertainment” is over.

Here is the reason why. Please take your time to watch these programs as these will show you what the mainstream media is not talking about.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.” - Buddha.

Educate Yourself 2

Talk by Naomi Wolf author of “The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot”.

University of Washington, Seattle, Oct. 11 2007.

The Corporation, a profile of the narcissistic corporate model and it’s hunger for profit above all else. Is this psychopathic behaviour?

Deception: The World Manipulated Into War. By Corbett A well made piece of animation explaining the financial history behind money and the banking system. also documenting those who opposed it from Andrew Jackson to J.F. Kennedy. Heist”- Who stole the American dream. Cannot stress enough how important is to see this film! From Academy Award nominated filmmaker, Charles Ferguson ("No End In Sight"), comes INSIDE JOB, the first film to expose the 2008 global financial meltdown, at a cost of over $20 trillion, resulted in millions losing their homes and jobs. The Alyona show talks about CISPA that would allow the government's intelligence firms to communicate with private companies, sharing personal information from your computer.

Max Keiser explains the UK’s no society riots and talks to former bank regulator William K. Black about the absence of justice.

Max Keiser interviews Teri Buhl on the the civil suit against JP Morgan's mortgage fraud later talks to Michael Hudson on Quantative Easing to infinity. Episode 349.

A N.I.A. film on how the U.S. is headed for state control and complete societal collapse!

Alex Jones interviews Aaron Russo producer of “America - Freedom to Fascism”. A critical eye on changing times.

Sputnik with George Gallaway and Pablo Navarrete on the 9/11 of Chile and the joined by Peter Bach talking about his new film “NHS Selloff” on the privatization of the NHS.    

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