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Hello, and thanks for checking in.  In case you do not know me, I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Valentine St Aubyn which is my pen name, most people know me as Shelley, named after the rebellious and talented poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. I currently have an ongoing young adult series which is called Zoe Evans’ Possible Worlds and the first book of the series Zoe Evans’ Possible Worlds the Crystal is now available.  Book II is soon to follow.

My writing is suitable for the juvenile and young adult age group as well as for older generations. I enjoy delving into the wonderful world of time travel, parallel universes, life on other planets and metaphysical subjects.   If you need to label my work it falls within the science fiction genre, but I like to think that my work is original and in it’s own category.  If you believe that you might be a starseed or a lightworker then my writing is especially for you.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my site and feel free to sign my guestbook or drop me a line.  I love hearing from my readers.

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I was a guest presenter for the show ‘On the Edge’ which aired on Controversial TV, Sky Channel 200, on the 3rd May 2012. My guest was Helen Sewell and we discussed the astrology of 2012 a phase of change which will last for the next decade.

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“Royal baby signals the end of an era with change on the horizon for the Royal family” I’m actually not a Royal lover or Royalist by any means. I do not condone the belief that a group of people have the right to be superior and above the average man. Nor pay their fair share of taxes.  It strikes me odd that in the 21st Century people are so drawn to the Royal family regardless of the dark and dirty stories that have surfaced over the years. But the purpose of this post is not to hail proudly the announcement of the new Royal baby like many others, but to reveal that Will and Kate’s baby boy will challenge the status quo when he becomes a mature man. Read more

23rd October 2013 at 21.00 BST - Live Interview!!

The Manipulation of Hip Hop and Rap with Neil Sanders

Author and lecturer Neil Sanders joins me live on the show as we discuss the deliberate erosion of Hip and Hop and Rap through techniques of mind control and media manipulation. Learn why this music form has been purposely degenerated over the decades.

Available in the archives

Interview with Valentine St Aubyn

12th January 2014

It was an immense pleasure to have been a guest of Medium Ara Parisien on her Spirituality show - “Lifting all things spiritual to an exciting new level, where special guests & amazing hosts will inspire & educate.” We talked about all things metaphysical and contemporary.

This interview is available to listen to, just visit the interviews section of this site.

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Esoteric Discussions is on a break but will be back later in the year with a brand new series of shows. In the meantime check out the Archives from 2011 to 2013 to have a listen to a show from the past. All of my broadcast shows are free to watch and listen. All you need is an open mind.

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